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my holiday....

hye all............

nothing much i done on this weekend...just spend time with my family...this all what i been doing on this weekend...

Friday, 01 February 2008..

i went out with my ex-boyfriend because long time we don't meet each other..we just meet as a friend and only want to what the new information about each other...we meet at mid valley kl at 4 pm..his never change than 1 year ago..where 1 year ago is the last time we meet each other..hmmm he is nothing change..still da same..hmm still with the same attitude...still like to play game..just like me..hahaha

so after meet...and have some chating so we don't know where to go..so we decide to watching movie..so we decide want to watch meet the spartan (he pay the movie for me)...the story base on 300 movie..who have watch 300 movie..must have own synopsys on the movie of meet the spartans..for me that movie is ok la..nothing different but the movie is more fun la...but it's 18pl movie..so no kids allowed..

then after finished watching the movie.. we have our dinner at McD ( this one i pay for him).. i eat my usual fast food is grilled foldover chicken 1 set big..haha eat to much..he only a big mac burger and regular coke..then while we eat the food we chatting a little bit..then at 8 o'clock he send me at the KTM..so i back home..

actually after i met him i go to shop to buy a top-up ticket..i reload my credit rm 30 ..while waiting for the train i fell so bored so i call my best friend yana, i talk with her since the train arrive until i arrive at my home..about 30 minute i talk with her..is it to long..huhu i spend about rm 15 to talk with her only...if my mom know that must be she will said that I'm crazy..haha

Saturday 02 February 2008..

today i follow my mom n my uncle went to seremban for my cousin wedding...we go at 10 am... and back home at 6 pm....actually i do not really like to went to the wedding ceremony..but if i not follow my mom..i will get so bored..

Sunday 03 February 2008..

today i sent my mom at pekeliling because she want to back to kampung...

at 2 o'clock i hangout with my friend at times square.. we want to watch movie that day..the movie that we want to watch is American Gangster.... the movie is first class for me..but the movie is to cruel..for the movie is no kids allowed to watch..because it is to cruel...

then we back home at 9 pm...before back home i go to low yat to take my mp3..because last Monday i send my mp3 for warranty because the mp3 have something not right..but i don't know it is....

while i back home the day is raining but i still walk by my self to back home...so i get wet...huhu

hmmm..that all about my weekend..

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