Di taja OLEH:


jum taged...laalalla

Your name plus "y"
::: nieyna...~lalalala

Two feelings at the moment?
::: TiREd...In LovE

What are you listening to right now?
::: Evanescence - call me when you're sober

A part of a song lyric that in your mind?
::: Kekasih yg dulu hilang, kini dia tlah kembali pulang

Where are you right now?
::: Depan komputer la..huhu

The highlight of your week/weekend?
::: TIDO..!!! ~lalalala

What are you craving to have right now?
::: My LOvE..rase nk peluk Die..huhu ~ngeeee

Any unforgettable childhood memory(s)?
::: dapat masuk skola n ramai kawan..~lalalala

A not-so-good childhood memory?
::: kene langgar kete..hukhukhuk

What are your nicknames?
::: adiknina(family n kawan 1 kg) / nina (kawan kolej n kawan keje) / sha (lame xgune name nih)

Your three plans for tommorow?
::: siap kn wdp checklist, lepak ngadap facebook n makan..hahaha

Are you thinking of someone right now?
::: my cayang..Abe merey..~huhu

What do you want?
::: nk keje baru dgn gaji yg best..hukhukhuk

What is your precious?
::: MAMA...

Are you feeling hungry?
::: nope..

Who do you miss right now?
::: mama n my cayang.

Last friend you talked to online?
::: my cayang..

What did you do last night?
::: tgk tb jer...xwat per pon..pastu saje bkk facebook jap..pastu off trs..

Who did you do this with?
::: alone...

When you were at primary school, what did you
want to be?
::: askar ler..sampai skang nk jadi askar ag taw..huhu..

Do you play an instrument?
::: rekoder...hihi

What song did you last hear?
::: kembali pulang - kangen band..

Person you hate most?
::: org yg pernah sakit kn ati aku dulu...aku benci die..

Who makes you laugh the most?
::: friends..

What makes you smile?
::: friends..

Who has a crush on YOU?
::: mesti la my cayang...

Out of your friends, who was the last person to
see you today if any?
::: my cayang...

Say anything you like to whoever is reading
your answers.
::: semoga terhibur..n jgn luper amik tag ni n post di blog anda..~lalalala

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